Take Me America

Book and Lyrics by Bill Nabel
Music Composed & Arranged by Bob Christianson

Based on the film “Well Founded Fear” directed by Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson.

World premier at the Village Theatre, Issaquah Washington.
September 14-October 23, 2011.

Directed by Jerry Dixon
Music Direction by Tim Symons

Take Me America is a story about a bunch of immigrants trying to get asylum in the US….couldn’t be more topical right now.

About the Show

“It’s not a story, it’s my life!”

What happens when your life is at stake, and the only chance you have of survival lies in the hands of a complete stranger? This new musical follows the difficult process undertaken by several struggling refugees in their quest for asylum in the United States, and the well intentioned INS agents who are responsible for deciding their fates. As the dreams and fears of each refugee come to light, the INS agents struggle to find balance between their feelings for humanity and the reality of their professional position. Inspired by true stories, Take Me America received an immediate standing ovation at the Village Originals 9th Annual Festival of New Musicals – it balances heavy themes with light-hearted comedy that compliments it’s gripping rock score.

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